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I work with vintage film cameras, and make archival silver gelatin prints in a traditional darkroom. 

All images are protected by copyright laws and cannot be used without my written permission. Copyright © Nihat İyriboz. All Rights Reserved.


Gear & Material: 

Toyo 45AII and 45C 4x5 cameras and a variety of Schneider and Nikkor lenses. Mamiya 7 rangefinder camera and lenses. Leica M rangefinder cameras and a variety of  lenses. 

Saunders LPL Super Dichroic 4500II VCCE enlarger. Ilford FP4+, Rollei Retro 80, Rollei Infrared, Efke IR820, Kodak Tri-X, ADOX CMS 20, ORWO UN54 films. Ilford DD-X, ADOX XT-3, D76, Rodinal, Rollei Vintage Eco developers. Moersch ATS Alkaline fixer, toner. Ilford Multigrade Fiberbase Glossy papers.